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CPX in the Media

Minister urges for review into churches’ responses - John Dickson from the Centre for Public Christianity has called for an independent review into churches' responses to domestic violence. He talks with The Drum's Julia Baird.
The church must confront domestic abuse - Conservative evangelical institutions should urgently consider commissioning a study into both the prevalence of domestic violence in churches and clergy responses to it, write Natasha Moore and John Dickson at The Drum.
Francis is about authentic Christianity, not PR stunts - Is Francis' papacy a grand PR exercise? Simon Smart comments on the Pope's popularity - and his knack for beautiful public gestures - at The Drum.
Hollywood and freedom of speech - The Interview, Citizenfour, and Rosewater all make a strong case for freedom of speech - but is it the one we most need to hear? Natasha Moore, writing for On Line Opinion, notes how bad we in the 'free' West are at disagreeing well
Faith: Christianity is not about putting yourself first - What is real Christianity? Well, whatever else it is, it's not meant to be all about me, writes Barney Zwartz in The Age.