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On being a ‘sinner’

The term ‘sinner’ is ridiculed today as medieval at best and psychologically damaging at worst. Understood correctly, however, the biblical theme of the ‘fallenness’ of humanity is one of the most realistic and nourishing of concepts. I am glad to know I am a sinner.

Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald opened an article against religion in schools with an…

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  1. Image: iGods

    Craig Detweiler discusses how technology shapes our social and spiritual lives.

  2. Image: Life and Faith: Slave or Free?
    Life and Faith: Slave or Free?

    Life and Faith considers liberty, limits, and human flourishing  

  3. Image: Evolution, God and the problem of evil
    Evolution, God and the problem of evil

    Simon Conway-Morris on why he accepts evolution and how he reconciles it with belief in a good God.

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