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Magic in the Moonlight?

Woody Allen’s most recent offering augured so well. Colin Firth is a perennial favourite, and it’s impossible not to love Emma Stone. The South of France in the 1920s; séances and charlatans; a classic adversarial romance. With ingredients this good, it promised pure viewing pleasure. How could it fail?

Yet fail it does. Stanley (Firth) as famous illusionist and sceptic,…

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  1. Image: Life and Faith: Poetic Justice
    Life and Faith: Poetic Justice

    Performance poet Joel McKerrow talks art, faith, and how poetry can change the world.  

  2. Image: The gospels as biography
    The gospels as biography

    Rikk Watts discusses the genre of the gospels and the impact of Christianity on the West.

  3. Image: Life and Faith: View from the Faraway Pagoda
    Life and Faith: View from the Faraway Pagoda

    Robert and Linda Banks discuss the life of Sophie Newton, an early Australian missionary to China.  

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Why theology matters even if there is no god - Even if there is no god theology still offers great insight into modern thinking and, yes, even science, as the late Wolfhart Pannenberg proved, writes John Dickson at The Drum.
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Ending religion won’t end the conflict - The Middle East conflict might not be the best advert for religion, but it is a na├»ve presumption to assume that getting rid of religion would make the world a better place, writes Michael Bird at The Drum.
Why don’t we hear about persecuted Christians? - Natasha Moore at The Drum on one of the most under-reported stories of our time: the global persecution of Christians.
Food for thoughtful people - don’t always make a meal of it - Natasha Moore writes for The Sydney Morning Herald on food, gluttony and the spiritual aspects of fasting.