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A small problem

It is not often that atheistic presumption makes me laugh out loud. When atheists deliberately exaggerate or distort, my usual reactions range from exasperation to incredulity. I dislike anyone doing it but, as bias is a breeze that blows more gently from behind, I probably don’t notice it as much from people who share my views.


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  1. Image: Life and Faith: War
    Life and Faith: War

    100 years on from the start of World War I how do we remember and interpret what happened?  

  2. Image: Seven Days that divide the world
    Seven Days that divide the world

    John Lennox explains how he understands the Genesis creation accounts.

  3. Image: Doubt and Grace
    Doubt and Grace

    Francis Spufford on why doubt is an important companion to faith and why grace is so appealing.

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