View from the Centre

View from a Jerusalem Hotel

Two weeks ago I was sitting on a hotel roof inside the walls of the old city in Jerusalem at dusk. Starkly white limestone buildings covering the rugged hills of the famous city stretched away to the south and west. Behind me various church steeples rose from the labyrinthine streets and alleyways below while the gold ‘Dome of the Rock’…

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  1. Image: Bedroom Battles: the promise and pitfalls of our sex lives
    Bedroom Battles: the promise and pitfalls of our sex lives

    Bettina Arndt discusses the ingredients of a healthy sex life.

  2. Image: Life and Faith: A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible Part II
    Life and Faith: A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible Part II

    John Dickson tackles the laws, wars, and prophecies of the Old Testament.

  3. Image: Allenby enters Jerusalem
    Allenby enters Jerusalem

    Simon Smart reflects on the fascinating story of General Allenby's entrance into Jerusalem in 1917

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